The 2020 Pilgrimage is complete

May my Heart be Balanced
May my Mind be Balanced
May my Bicycle be Balanced

This year was….a little different.

On our own, together
October 3rd and 4th, 2020

  • Design a pilgrimage for yourself… someplace spiritually meaningful
  • Hike or bike… near or far… hard or easy… alone or with kalyana mitta friends
  • Sit in honor of that sacred place
  • Join the a dharma talk, blessing of the bikes & hikes, and sharing of merit
  • Upload photos and videos
  • Offer dana directly or through a donation to Dharmawheels

The Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage runs on a volunteer basis. There are no salaries and no fees. Participants offer food, supplies, service, metta (loving kindness) and monetary donations for our journeys. We have almost zero expenses in 2020 so nearly 100% of your dana goes to the monastic sangha.

Spiritual theme 2020

As a collective group of Pilgrims with a range of cycling and hiking skills and Buddhist knowledge, we support each other on the spiritual path and physical trails and roadways.

With the support of our teachers, we explore the concentration (samadhi) factors of the Noble Eightfold path:

Wise Effort
Wise Mindfulness
Wise Concentration

Teachers 2020

Join us on Strava!