2021 pilgrimage registration is live!

May my Heart be Balanced
May my Mind be Balanced
May my Bicycle be Balanced

Save the date – September 24-26, 2021

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Dharmawheels events are unusual. We have novice, intermediate, and experienced cyclists. We have advanced spiritual practitioners mixing with people dipping their toes in the water. We emphasize the progress of a rolling community enroute to destinations. We charge no fees. It’s a particular flavor of experience you won’t find anywhere else.

This year the pilgrimage route will be different than years past.

  • One campground. No gear truck or shuttle bus needed.
  • Optional Friday night camping
  • Hike or bike… near or far… hard or easy…
  • We’ll unveil the details as soon as we nail things down

The Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage runs on a volunteer basis. There are no salaries and no fees. Participants offer food, supplies, service, metta (loving kindness) and monetary donations for our journeys. We have almost zero expenses in 2020 so nearly 100% of your dana goes to the monastic sangha.

Spiritual theme 2021

We’re working on it… stay tuned.

Teachers 2021

We’re working on it… stay tuned.

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