2018 Photo Book


We have ordered a first run of the 2018 Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage to commemorate in photos our experience.

This is a beautiful creation put together by Peter Crimmin with 30 pages of donated photos chronicling the Pilgrimage from Spirit Rock to Abhayagiri.

Going forward we hope to expand the chronicles to include audio recordings of the dharma talks we hear and spiritual theme publications.

The purpose of creating this photo book is multi-fold:
1. Maintain a historical account of our Pilgrimages;
2. Honor each of us who have made the journeys;
3. Generate additional Dana (generosity) for our visited centers.

The 2018 photo books are available now with a suggested donation toward the cost of the photo book and above that Dana to pass along to the centers.

Base Level: $25 (Covers the cost of the produced photo book and shipping to you)
Contributor Level: $50 (Covers the cost of 1 photo book to you and 1 photo book to be donated to one of the centers)
Sponsorship Level: $100 and above. (Covers the cost of 1 book to you, extra copies go to the centers and any Pilgrim that wishes to receive one but is unable to contribute at this time)

To make a donation and get a copy, choose your level, and click Buy Now.
To request a free photo book: Contact Peter