2020 On Our Own, Together

  • Pilgrims will join together via Zoom for Dhamma Talks Saturday night, Sunday Morning and Sunday night.
  • Pick your own self-supported route (short or far). Solo or small groups as you feel comfortable.
  • Go someplace spiritually meaningful to you.
  • If you go to a Dharma Center or monastery, do a short sit in honor of that sacred place.
  • Dharmawheels will help collect Dana for our historical centers and to centers of your request.

How is it going to work?

TOGETHER! Since we can’t be in the same place this year, we’ll share virtual experiences.

Step 1: Strava. This step is optional. What’s Strava? It’s a free app for phones and laptops. It’s a social media platform for tracking activities via GPS. It’s a place to share photos. We created a club. Join here: https://www.strava.com/clubs/dharmawheels-491482

Step 2: Plan Your Route. Since we can’t get together for a big ride, you’re going to come up with your own! Maybe it’s a route that loops to a spiritual center near you, or a place where you feel a distinct connection for dharma teachings to sink in. At your destination, take a moment to honor the Sangha and their transmission of the practice.

Step 3: Sign up! Yes, we need you to sign up so we can predict bandwidth for the Zoom sessions. Please join us: Register Here

Step 4: Share. We have a place for you to upload short videos if you’re are inspired to share with our community. What does this practice mean to you? How have you been affected with the teachings on your ride? Or just say “Hello!”

Here are videos from Dharmawheels board members:

Peter Crimmin
Scott Green
Abhishek Nath
Stephan Altman