Board Members as of 2024

Peter Crimmin, President
Scott Green, Vice President
Lene Vinding,  Treasurer
Pete Gang, Route Designer & Coordinator of Zero-Waste initiative
Roger Burns, Ride Coordinator
John Ungvarsky, Volunteer Coordinator
Kate McGee, Registration Coordinator
Abhishek Nath, Tech Coordinator
Aditya Sharma, Marketing Coordinator
Vlado Bradbury
Flora Chen
Newly-joined Board members
Colgan Powell
Dave Mott
Ray Madrid Care
Sam Senerchia
Spencer Cheng

Colgan Powell, since 2024

After discovering road cycling during the pandemic, I felt ready to challenge myself in 2022 when I learned about the Pilgrimage through a friend of a volunteer. I was nervous going into that weekend, but I knew the two days would be epic after the first rest stop!

This community has pushed me to become a stronger rider but also to understand there is more to this sport than the km logged and the Strava kudos 😉 It is about supporting the rider next to you, embracing the uncertainty of life, and demonstrating compassion to others.

I am here to support future Pilgrimages and to grow this community.

Ray Madrid Care, since 2024

I learned of the Dharmawheels Pilgrimage through San Francisco Zen Center years ago, but it was in 2023 that it finally called to me.

Coming off my first bike tour I was saying yes to any opportunities to live my life cycling. My experience as a rider on the Pilgrimage was abundant and rich. I’m looking forward to finding out how I can be part of co-creating future Pilgrimages and I’m excited to keep turning wheels!

Sam Senerchia, since 2024

In 2023 I finally found my people who also want to practice meditation while cycling these backroads.

I offer my service, with 30 years of Buddhist training (mostly zen) and a 40 year love affair with biking, with my skills as a project/crew manager, trucking, cooking. Mostly in it for friendships.

Spencer Cheng, since 2024

My journey began in 2022 when I discovered this pilgrimage just days before the ride commenced. Despite the short notice, I eagerly joined my first Dharmawheels ride and it turned out to be a serendipitous experience.

Witnessing warm spirits coming together, from helping patch flat tires on the road to collaboratively preparing food at the KOA campground, showcased a dedication beyond the road. Here’s to the shared love for cycling and the connections on the road ahead!”

Dave Mott, since 2024

Soo many great biking memories going back to my childhood. I started participating in Dharma Wheels Community Ride about 4 years ago. I love the camaraderie of the group!
  I am grateful to have participated in the Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage this year as a gear truck driver and as a rider. I look forward to being a part of the planning of our community rides and the Pilgrimage in 2024!

Roger Burns, since 2023

I’ve loved bicycling since I was a child. When I turn the pedals I’m transported back to the simple joy of that little boy. I came to Buddhism much later and find support in each: a seat, a saddle, a cushion, the wheel turns again. 

I encountered the BBP while serving at Sae Taw Win II Dhamma Center from 2007 to 2010. Subsequently, I volunteered as a route marker and SAG driver. I finally rode the pilgrimage in 2019 and loved it! When asked to join the board I could not say yes fast enough. I supported the pilgrimage from the outside and look to do my best now from the inside. See you on the road at the community rides and the big event!

Kate McGee, since 2023

In 2016 I bumped into a Zen priest on the steps of the SF Zen Center. I had just returned from burning man, he had just returned from this thing called the Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage, it sounded amazing. A year later, as my alarm went off while in the warm comfort of my own bed, I thought to myself how leaving meant uncertainty. Staying however, meant letting this vision dissolve into a memory of something I thought of once but never pursued. And thus, I forged into the darkness of the early morning to commence a pilgrimage. 

John Ungvarsky, since 2023

Cycling is a form of meditation, with the added benefit of cardio and stress relief. Dennis Crean and the passing of my father in 2017 inspired me to purchase a road bike and ride in my first BBP. I’m very grateful for all of the support from the monastics, volunteers, riders, and the Board. Their efforts culminate in a special synergy, linking Buddhism with a memorable cycling experience, essentially a mobile kalyanamitta. I’m excited to be on the Board and helping to keep our Dharmawheels turning!

Aditya Sharma, since 2022

This sits at the intersection of the two worlds that I love. I experienced my first pilgrimage in 2017, days after I bought my first bike. The two-day journey meditations and cycling with a caring community was revitalizing. 
Since then, cycling has turned to be the best thing I’ve done, on some of the most challenging days. Now as part of the board, I am happy to share this experience with others. 
Be well, Aditya

Vlado Bradbury, since 2021

Mostly we ride, sometimes
through the most beautiful scenery.
(like here on King Ridge,
or next month Mt Diablo)
Sometimes we talk about meditation.

Abhishek Nath

I did my first pilgrimage in 2012. Being one of the first longer rides I had attempted, the mileage felt daunting at first. As the ride went on though the sweetness of the community and the serenity of the monks shone through. The experience remains a warm light in my memory, re-kindled year upon year =)

One of my favorite memories in particular is of the song we were taught in the city of ten thousand Buddhas:

“I have too much,
I am grateful,
Share the blessing,
May all be blessed,
May all things flourish,
May all awaken,
Bodhi swaha.”

Flora Chen, since 2022

There’s nothing like some type II fun (aka voluntary suffering) to gain a little insight into the first noble truth. But in all seriousness, as a recently-turned-cycling-fanatic with an affinity towards the Buddhist teachings, I couldn’t have asked for a better event than the pilgrimage!

2021 was my first time attending the pilgrimage. Though it was shortened to a single day event due to Covid, I still had a great time riding and bonding with the community. And now, I’m on the board looking to add a part to the magic, while hopefully not stirring up chaos in the process!

Lene Vinding, Treasurer

I had heard of the Dharmawheels ride for many years, living in Ukiah and riding recreationally. As timing would have it, I could never work out riding or volunteering, until now. When I saw the call for Treasurer, I was hoping this would be the answer to being in service with something I wholeheartedly wanted to support. I’ve loved the idea from afar, and am excited to get to experience it. Looking forward to serving on the board as the treasurer and finally riding the two-day pilgrimage this year! 

Peter Gang, route designer & coordinator of Zero-Waste initiative

I have long sought out endorphin-enhancing activities like distance running and biking as a means toward stillness. I have participated five times in the pop-up sangha that is the Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage — three years as a rider and two years (I think!) as a route-marking and food prep volunteer. I joined the Board last year and made good on my threat to move us in the direction of zero waste. This entire ephemeral Dharmawheels/BBP community brings me great and lasting delight.

Scott Green, Vice President and Ride Coordinator

Dog gone, this is fun

I was introduced to mindful cycling through the Hazon Environmental ride. Later I joined the Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage’s to Alokha Vihara and then the classic route to Abhayargiri. Both were transformative and inspiring. I am humbled to be on the Dharmawheels Board and look forward to serving our community. I love the Dharma and am delighted to explore its expression through the path of cycling.

Peter Crimmin, President

I live in Boston and travel to NorCal for pilgrimages.
2024 is my 15th year as a Dharmawheels pilgrim.

I came for Buddhism and bicycles.
I returned for friendship.
I stay for service.