2020 Dharma Talks

Zachary Smith

Nineteen Bullet points! Zachary kicks off the pilgrimage with greetings and thoughts from his bicycle workshop. As you listen, watch the world’s most wonderful feral cat weaving into the camera frame.

Gil Fronsdal – Guided meditation

Reflections on pilgrimage Gils offers an excellent discussion of pilgrimage, bicycle pilgrimage, and the importance of Dharmawheels in northern California. There’s a transcription at this link.

Ajahn Ñāṇiko- dharma talk

Pilgrimage of life Venerable Naniko presents a real-life analogy for pilgrimage: reconstructing the pieces of a broken Buddha image is like persevering through a tough bicycle ride.

Ayya Anandabodhi

A Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage Like No Other – Ayya Anandabodhi speaks on the factors of samadhi, with the breath as a meditation object..