Lost & Found

Help in Getting Your Lost or Found Items Back to the Rightful Owner

Contact Brian to list your lost and/or found items below.

*** FOUND ***

  1. (2018) Cycling Shoes – Black, “1976, Made in Italy”
  2. (2018) Cycling Shoes – Black with white highlights, “Specialized”
  3. (2018) Small knife, red handle

*** LOST  ***

  1. (2016) I’m sorry to bother you with this but I seem to have lost two of the knives I brought with me (the white cutting board too but I’m less concerned about that).  I’m wondering if someone can let me know if a large chef’s knife (10 or 12″) with a black wood handle and a large (10″) serrated knife with a black handle (I think it’s a Victorinox knife) are found.  They were both labeled with grey duct tape and had my last name on them: Dougherty.  I totally understand if they don’t turn up but please let me know if they do.Much gratitude and many blessings to all,Nancy Dougherty  —   Contact her by clicking Here for Nancy.