Interest to be considered

Please use this form to express your interest in helping Dharma Wheels turn our wheels!

Every year we need new Pilgrims to step into leadership roles and this year we need 2 or 3 new board members and being recruiting for coordinator positions that are pivotal to the day of the ride.

Board Members – To be considered this is a one year commitment (minimum). We hold board meetings over conference calls (location independent) for about an hour on one evening about every month until about 6 weeks before the pilgrimage, then every other week until the last meeting just before the ride. Approx 16 hours per year.  Each member tends to have their specialty toward the ride and will donate their time in between meetings accomplishing vital goals toward the final ride. Organizational skills, critical thinking, and dependability are traits of our directors.

Coordinator Positions –

  • Volunteer Coordinator – This person is at the top of the chain to coordinate all the remaining coordinators. You would keep in touch with all the team leaders helping them succeed in their roles within the ride.
  • Rest Area Coordinator – This person maintains their team with maps, directions, sending out messages to their volunteers and having a great energy that transfers through their team and onto the riders.
  • Camping Coordinator – This person arranges for all the details of the campgrounds needed for our tired riders. Reserving spaces, communicating spaces for group meeting, dinner spaces, knowing the “lay of the land” for planning.
  • Transportation Coordinator – This person collects monies from Pilgrims who need rides in the form of bus coach or vans as needed. Arranges how many vehicles and of what size. In charge of reserving and following up with transportation companies.
  • Gear Truck Coordinator – This person reserves the appropriate size of truck needed. Organizes loading and unloading. Gets the rider’s gear to and from all points in between and back.
  • Kitchen Coordinator – This person heads the dinner menu, shopping list, and procurement of all the food items needed for Saturday night and Sunday afternoon meals. Leads a team of volunteers with food handling skills.
  • Registration Coordinator – This person leads a small team helping Pilgrims check in to the ride and then is responsible to tracking them at checkpoints through the ride. Will work with SAG members keeping everyone safe and sound from beginning to end.
  • SAG Coordinator –  This person will lead the SAG drivers and SAG riders to watch after all the Pilgrims. Some basic training about bike repair help like changing tires and what to watch out for with potentially tired riders. Providing encouragement along the route cheering the riders to the finish.
  • Training Ride Coordinator – Plans routes to encourage riders to come out and train accordingly with right practice beginning in the late spring before the ride. This person is an energetic rider with lots of smiles and a route plan. Plan on taking people on a 30-40 mile ride every 2 or 3 weeks around the Bay Area.

As you can see every year we need energetic people to pull of the Pilgrimage and offer our presence and dana to the monastic centers who in turn benefit our lives back in our world.

If any of these call to you, please let us know in the form below:

    Board MemberCoordinatorRide Day Volunteer