Packing List

Packing Checklist
These are comprehensive recommendations. Some items are required; otherwise, please customize the list according to your own experience. Prepare according to the weather; pack for two days. Other than what you wear/carry, your gear will be transported for you in the gear truck on both days.
Please be sure to label all your bags with your name/phone number.

Bike Gear/Clothing
 Bike! (Have your bike in good condition prior
to the ride. Get it checked out at a local bike
shop—brakes, gears, lubrication, seat, tire
pressure, etc.)
helmet (required)
spare tube(s) (required)
frame pump (required)
 bike tool/tire levers (required)
 patch kit (required)
 water bottle(s) (required)
 hydration backpack
 rear light
 fanny pack/saddle bag
 cloth for grease
 bike lock
 bandana/sweat bands
 sports bras
 arm/leg warmers
 rain gear
 cycling gloves
 cycling shoes
 cycling socks


Personal Items
 cell phone
 sunglasses/lens cleaner
 ID/proof of health insurance
 cash/credit card/ATM card
 checkbook (for donations at monasteries)
– Camera (Please take photos and send your finest to us.)
– Post those pictures to Facebook/Dharmawheels


Camping & Sleeping Gear
 sleeping bag or blankets
 air mattress/pad
 flashlight/lantern/extra batteries
 alarm clock (battery-operated)
 plate, fork, cup, bowl
small stool, seat or zafu for sitting on the ground (if desired)

 cap/warm hat
 sandals/camp shoes
 swim suit
 “modesty attire” is compulsory: (at the monasteries;
can use sarongs or long pants & shirt with sleeves)

Health & Hygiene
 hand-wash detergent
 razor/shaving cream
 pain reliever
 ace bandage
 lip balm
 anti-blister aids
 sanitary protection