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Food & Item:  OPEN

Donate Items Here

We rely on food donations every year to ensure everyone is well-fed on the pilgrimage. It’s a lot of calories to burn!  Sign up on the spreadsheet for the food items and supplies that you will bring.

When you arrive at the pilgrimage on Saturday morning be sure to label each item as indicated in the donation list so it makes it to the designated team.

Dana:  OPEN

Donate Dana Here

This is where we need your help in making this event a success.  Imagine the expenses for the rental truck, mileage, gas, campground reservations for 130 people, insurance, permits, porta-potties, lunch, donations to the monasteries in the end and various other expenses.  We can do it!

The bus back home

Registering for the Shuttle Bus Home:  OPEN

After the closing ceremony on Sunday, we have a charter bus waiting to take riders and volunteers back to the starting point . You can reserve a seat on the bus when you register for the pilgrimage. 

WhatsApp groups

We use WhatsApp groups for mobile communications. 

BBP all volunteers – For all 2024 volunteers. Expect a little chatter in July, and more in August/September. Meanwhile, you can make comments and ask questions at any time.

BBP all pilgrims – For all participants in the 2024 pilgrimage. Riders and volunteers. We’ll use this group mostly in September for last minute notices about things like Air Quality, Weather, and other breaking news. Meanwhile, you can make comments and ask questions at any time.

DharmaWheels Sharing in Joy Network – “Mudita” is the experience of joy and especially the pleasure of delighting in other people’s well-being. Please use this hotline to report incidences of joy as they occur in your life and the lives of people around you.