The BBP Miracle

Greetings All,

For the 2020 “virtual” event we invite pilgrims who usually volunteer to participate instead. Please show your support and sign up for the event!  We would love to see your name with us “together”.

For over fifteen years now, the Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage has happened with the miraculous support of a large group of coordinators and volunteers. This group is key to making the ride a success by providing the structure, organization and planning of the event. Without this support, the BBP ride wouldn’t be possible.

Each year we need around 30-35 volunteers that:

  • Become coordinators to organize each of the many teams,
  • Place route markers to help you find your way,
  • Pack the gear/bike truck with your luggage and transport it along the route,
  • Kitchen/Dinner staff that wash, slice, dice, boil, bake and cook our food,
  • Rest stop teams that setup and break down stops and offer cheer and sustenance,
  • SAG teams that keep you safe on the road and pick you up when in need,
  • Arrange shuttle bus and rideshare connections for pilgrims requesting rides to and from Spirit Rock Meditation Center.
  • clean up teams
  • check-in teams
  • and a variety of other functions all covered by volunteers.

It’s spirit, love, energy and right action (and of course a lot of work) that makes this event a miracle.  It’s the miracle that comes with generosity. We can do it again but we need your help.

When Volunteer Registration opens, we hope you’ll consider signing up.  And be sure to  remember to click here to offer your monetary donations

Open your heart and mind and…join and enjoy the Pilgrimage.