Volunteers & Miracles

Greetings All,

It’s spirit, love, energy and right action that makes this event a miracle.  It’s the miracle that comes with generosity. We can do it again but we need your help.

We invite your service. If you’re new to the pilgrimage, if your fitness is lacking, or if you’ve ridden previously and want to experience a deeper pilgrimage, consider participating as a volunteer.

For over twenty years, the Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage has happened with the miraculous support of coordinators and volunteers. These people create structure, organization, and detailed plans. Without this support, the BBP ride wouldn’t be possible.

Each year we benefit from 30-35 volunteers:

  • Team coordinators
  • Route markers
  • Gear truck drivers
  • Cooks
  • Rest stop servers
  • Sweep vehicle drivers
  • Board of Directors

Open your heart and mind and…join and enjoy the Pilgrimage.