Mission and History

DharmaWheels Foundation, Inc.

Dharmawheels Foundation, Inc., is the official sponsor of the Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage. We are a nonprofit 501 (c) (3), tax-exempt corporation registered in the State of California, Federal Identification Number 75-1664779.

The First Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage (BBP)

The first Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage (BBP) took place in September 2002 — and was perhaps the first-ever such event in the Buddhist world!

 Opening ceremonyOpening Ceremony 2002 BBP

Organized by enthusiastic cyclist and Buddhist practitioner Dennis Crean, the BBP started out as a simple desire to ride his bike with a few friends from the San Francisco Bay Area to Abhayagiri Monastery in Mendocino County. As he began to talk about his plan, he was encouraged to turn it into a “pilgrimage” and to invite other cycling meditators. Thus, the BBP was born, and within a few short months Dennis’s “few friends” turned into a cycling sangha of 80 riders and 40 volunteers.

Dennis organized the 2002 pilgrimage under the auspices of Abhayagiri Monastery, which encouraged the Buddhist practice of dana, or generosity, as an underlying principle for the event. Inspired by this age-old practice, it was decided to charge no fee and to institute no fundraising obligations for the event. The ride’s many participants and supporters responded enthusiastically, donating over $6,000 in appreciation for the spiritual teachings they received over the course of the pilgrimage. After covering the costs of the event, nearly $2,000 was donated to Abhayagiri Monastery.