Objectives & Purposes

DharmaWheels Foundation

Specific Objectives and Purposes

  1. To serve the general public by providing guidance, material, and a clearinghouse for Buddhist teachings.
  2. To provide education in Buddhist teachings through lectures, seminars, and meetings.
  3. To provide places of meditation practice for the general community.
  4. To provide public service through sponsorship of pilgrimages to various Buddhist oriented sites with focus on using the bicycle as a mode of transportation to these sites.
  5. To donate any surplus funds from activities to one or more of the non-profit Buddhist hosts of the pilgrimage.

 Details of Programs and Activities 

  1. To conduct the annual “Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage” which takes place in late September of each year. The “Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage” will allow interested members of the public to visit several Buddhist sites, primarily in California, using the bicycle as their primary means of conveyance. Approximately one-third of the participants of the event do so by car or carpool. The pilgrimage will serve to enhance the participant’s understanding of the teachings of the Buddha, and to strengthen their meditation practice (50% of activity).
  2. To maintain a regular schedule of meetings whereby the interested public can meet to discuss Buddhist issues, study Buddhist ideas, meditate, and to plan for the main pilgrimage activity of the year (35% of activity).
  3. To plan and organize an annual pilgrimage to one or more Buddhist sites using the bicycle as a primary mode of transportation. To donate any surplus funds from activities to one or more of the hosting Buddhist sites of the “Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage” (10% of activity).
  4. To maintain a web site that provides access to Buddhist literature and a community of interested individuals. The web site also contains information on a training program specially designed to provide the training and stamina needed for a person to undertake a pilgrimage to various Buddhist sites on a bicycle (5% of activity).

 Source of Funding

All DharmaWheels Foundation activities including the “Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage”, are provided at no charge to the participants. All activities are funded strictly by voluntary donations from the interested public. The entire program of activities is staffed by volunteers and funded by voluntary donations.

Copy of Leases

The DharmaWheels Foundation does not have a lease agreement with any party.